The Value We Create


We build a pipeline of grassroot innovations and innovators that harness technology for positive quality of life in the least-developed places. 

We harness technology for social good. Our output is a pipeline of grass-root tech-enabled social ventures so all communities are equipped with the technology of their own making to improve the quality of life.  

We create social responses to a changing environment. Transforming social work requires pairing thought leadership with a cache of commercially-viable practice innovations.

 Our Triple Aims

Establish a sustainable financing platform for tech-enabled social work practice tools. 

Mobilize a social stock exchange that sustains a technology practice in social work.

Build a technology practice with implications for social work practice, education, and research.


Core Programs



#MyKnowledgeCounts is our social marketing campaign to transform social work practice into a breeding ground for technology innovators. We use music, podcasts, and short documentary films to tell stories of how the grass-roots are harnessing technology for social good. We work with independent artists, writers, practitioners, and filmmakers to envision the promise of tech-enabled social work.


Sustainable Earth Decathlon (SED)

SED is how we discover climate innovators and social entrepreneurs. SED is a competition of tech-enabled solutions to human impacts of climate change. Upcoming SED events are TBD. 


Climate innovations showcased at previous SED events can be found here.


Venture Seed and Venture Grow

Venture Seed supports innovators who have an idea for a tech-enabled solution and practice tool.

We offer:

  • preparing a business planning and planning for prototyping

  • training in community research

  • one-on-one mentorship and professional coaching

Venture Grow supports early stage innovators in converting their ideas into commercially-viable ventures.

We support early stage ventures, including those:

  • before a prototype has been developed

  • that still need to be market tested

  • that have not begun to earn revenue

We source from a broad spectrum: from science and technology to market-based innovations, such as those:

  • inspired by applied research

  • resulting from innovative application of existing technology



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