Who we’ve inspired so far

These three cohorts come from the previous business model when we were called Conscious Youth Promoting Health & Environmental Resilience (CYPHER) and our work was premised on widening STEM education in urban and rural regions, resulting in idea-stage innovations in climate change adaptation by high school and college students.

In contrast, the transition to CYPHER X gets us focused on building a technology practice for social work by incubating well-researched practice tools for social work by doctoral students. The forthcoming Cohort 4 will be based on the new business model of searching for use-cases for IoT, AI, VR/AR, and blockchain in the eight health/human service and two development sectors of social work.


Cohort 3

AgriTech PAKEMA of Jaramonggi Oginnga Odingga University of Science and Technology created a mobile app, Mavuno, to address sustainable farming and food security in Kenya. It uses MSM and a mobile app to promote sustainable practices in small-scale farming and irrigation.

Heartwork* by students at California State University, San Marcos, is a centralized online resource for people to access information about ways to address food security and other needs in their community or around them. Heartwork provides the opportunity to align individuals to take action on food justice and other related health equity and environmental justice issues.

Integrated Aquaculture by students at Kisumu High School, Kisumu, Kenya, is a youth-run project to address food insecurity in Kisumu County. It addresses the overlap among food production, water use, and energy (fertilizer) management by integrating technology into poultry, fish, and vegetable farming in communities ravaged by drought conditions.

WasteNot App by students at Shanghai Institute of Technology, China, is an app that coordinates waste collection and recycling in rural areas of China. Consumer rewards (e.g., tree-planting credits) and products that generate renewable energy (e.g., fertilizer from solid waste) are integrated in the app to change consumer behavior.

* Grand Prize winner at SED2017.


Cohort 2

Creative-ive,* a CleanWeb innovation that sells carbon credits along with its lifestyle products.

Local Landscape,** a mobile app designed to help people transition to sustainable landscaping using augmented visualization.

Look&Listen, a mobile app designed to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of light and sound pollution.

#InvasivePlants_CA,*** an innovative social media project to modify behavior against invasive plants spurred by warmer weather.

思 源(SI-YUAN), a mobile app that conditions water conservation and innovative use of folk strategies in water management in northern China. 

Solar Estimator, a mobile app that helps condition public use of solar by providing targeted information to prospective users about the potential savings of adoption. 

Sully, a mobile app designed to promote recycling on- and off-campus using tech-enabled social cues.

VSAR 330 Environment, a project to reduce the level of carbonic acid in the ocean using chemistry.

* Grand Prize winner at SED2016.

** 1st Runner-Up at SED2016.

*** 2nd Runner-Up at SED2016.

Cohort 1

AquaTeam, a mobile-enabled device based on the evaporation process that turns salt water into useable water.

H2Grow*, a mobile app that helps gardeners and farmers wirelessly manage their irrigation system.

SizAlert, an energy-conserving kitchen tool with an integrated lifestyle app designed to lower the carbon footprint of any household.

Team Erosion, a game app for learning about coastal erosion and companion app for a permanent exhibit informing youth of the changing coastline in Ventura County. 

The DROUGHTINADORS**, a mobile-enabled desalination device that transforms ocean water into usable water for agriculture and human consumption.

YouthEJ Freight Corridor***, a concept for a zero-emission freight corridor along a busy highway in Southern California to reduce the human impact of diesel truck emission pollution.

* 3rd Place Winner at SED2014. Pursuing a commercial venture based a refined version of their original idea.

** 1st Place Winner at SED2014

*** 2nd Place Winner at SED2014. Engaged in a campaign to mobilize community and stakeholder support to implement their idea.


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