Building a social stock exchange for social work

Our mission is to commercialize tech-enabled social work through a social stock exchange.

Our vision is a thriving market place of tech-enabled social work solutions.

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 If you’re an impact investor

We help you generate ROI and impact, simultaneously.

We match you with commercialy-viable early-stage tech startups that create value in social, human, and sustainable development.


If you’re a startup

We help you refine the technology behind your social impact innovation, and link you to people who can prototype that technology with you.

We find resources for you, including financing and a user market in places that need your innovation the most.


Theory of Change

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By pairing impact investing with social welfare use-cases for relevant emerging technology, we commercialize social work solutions to address investment problems in the social and public sectors. And we help link your work to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the local level.

We help you capture your program outcomes and impact — including your SROI — so that you could better incentivize more impact investment into your work.

What is SROI?


Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a way for an organization to account for the economic, social, and environmental value it creates. SROI measures how much social value is created.

SROI enables monetary value to be assigned to program outcomes, which, in turn, allows for the calculation of a ratio for an organization. If the ratio is 3:1, for example, for every $1 spent by the organization, there is $3 of social value created.

We help early-stage startups use SROI in demonstrating their social impact. We help impact investors find projects that support their social impact objectives.


Eager to demonstrate your startup’s SROI for impact investing?

Our triple aims will transform social work

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Our triple aims are to build a:

(1) sustainable financing platform for tech-enabled social work practice tools

(2) social stock exchange for SROI and a technology practice in social work, and

(3) technology practice to impact social work practice, education, and research.

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